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After her double mastectomy and breast reconstructions five years ago, Dana Donofree was bummed to discover that the only thing the American Cancer Society could offer to clad her breasts were granny bras. Others in her shoes – or foobs – turned to sports bras as an answer. But how limiting.  So, AnaOno was born, a now two-year-old business producing beautiful undergarments for her demographic ― and in fact for all demographics with boobs. Many of her designs rely on double stretch lace to give great shape vs. standard designs that rely, apparently, on sag and general gravity. Who knew!


Tara Dunsmore is a Certified Areola Complex, 3D Nipple & Scar Camouflage ​Tattoo Artist , Breast Cancer Survivor & Nurse. After being offered only three shades for her nipple tattoo she knew there had to be a better way.  She trained with the best teacher in the country and come back to NC to offer expert aerola, 3D tattooing to all survivors. She vowed to give them exactly what they desire; whatever color or size they request, she would always provide a realistic appearance. 





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